Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves!  By becoming more mindful of how and what we put into our bodies, we can become just that!

Our focus is to help individuals break free from unhealthy eating habits, become more in tune with their bodies by establishing better eating habits and helping them regain a healthy relationship with food!  By replacing an individuals poor eating habits with good, conscious eating practices it will help them to become more in tune with their bodies, so that they will be able to recognize what it is really asking for.  Which will help improve eating habits, control cravings and prevent overeating!  There will be no strict diet regimens, or calorie counting.  What there will be, is support and guidance in creating healthy nutrition practices that can be well balanced within your daily life, making it easier to stay motivated and to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Have you ever found yourself thinking or feeling the following?

  • I want to feel healthier
  • I want to feel comfortable and confident in my own body
  • I need guidance in figuring out how and what to eat for ME
  • I want to boost my mood and energy levels
  • I want to reclaim a healthy relationship with food

If so, let’s talk!  One of our nutrition coaching programs may be what you need in taking the first step to becoming the best version of yourself!

Nutrition Coaching Rates and Plans:

FREE 15 min. phone consultation (must be scheduled in advance)

Individual 1 hr. consultations/check-ins:
-$50.00 (OAC Members)
-$70.00 (Non-Members)

  • Initial consultations will  consist of going over the necessary forms and questionnaires that you will be asked to fill out and hand back before your first visit.  These questionnaires will help me get to know you better, so that I can get a better idea of where to start based on your individual lifestyle and goals.  By the end of the first session, we will have worked together to come up with your first nutrition goal and will have agreed on how to monitor your progress and when you would like your next check-in to be.
  • Check-ins are meant to go over the progress of your initial nutrition goal.  Adjustments will be made if necessary to ensure set goal can be met.  Once it is shown that this goal can be accomplished consistently, the next nutrition goal will be set, and so on and so forth!

*Available rates and plans may be subject to change*


Your coach:
RobinRobin Taylor, Pn1

Robin is a certified level 1 nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.  Precision Nutrition is one of the largest, most successful, private nutrition coaching and education programs in the world!  Click the link below for more information on the Precision Nutrition philosophy.
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For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email: